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Take Your Drivers License VisionTest Here - Jersey Safe Driving School


We all know that a big part of getting a drivers license in any of the 50 states in America, and New Jersey is no exception, is that you must have a vision test.


For obvious reasons, a driver must be able to see clearly what's ahead of them. It is for the safety of the driver but for also, for the safety of everyone one else on the road.


as part of the requirements, a driver must have at least 20/50 visual acuity in at least one of their eyes without the need for prescribed glasses. 


Basically, this is all medical terminology that is pretty much saying, "can you see without needing glasses?". We all know if we need or don't need glasses by the age of 16 do we not? But, the state requires that you pass a very basic eye exam.


If you need corrective lenses to pass, then that must be stated on the exam. This will have to make you add a restriction on your driver's license stating that you must wear those glasses every time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.


No big deal right?


The only problem with the eye exam is that you have to take an extra trip down to the local MVC office, wait in line, take the test there then head on out. It can be pretty inconvenient.



Lucky for you, we here at Jersey Safe Driving School have been certified by the state of New Jersey to be able to take that vision test right here at our location. This helps eliminate that extra trip to the MVC and make things that much easier and convenient for all of our students.


The vision test is pretty straight forward and can be done here, at our location, in just a couple of minutes.



You can contact us 908-288-7549 and we can start setting up your teen to get road ready and take them through every single step needed for them to become a safe and licensed driver here in Scotch Plains New Jersey. 

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