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Need 6-Hour Behind The Wheel Instruction? Jersey Safe Driving School Provide The Best Course Around.

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It's one of the oldest American traditions these days. Teenagers heading off to high school and start to reach the ages of maturity and growth. More responsibilities are added to their young lives and they start to really experience social growth among their peers. One of those big signals and maturity is a teenager getting on the road and getting their drivers license. 


The time comes, usually around the sophomore years of high school. Around the time many teens are also able to get a small part-time job and experience the real world for the first time.

We here at Jersey Safe Driving School feel like we have the one of the best 6-hour behind the wheel driving course in NJ. As you may know, the state of New Jersey requires teenagers that are 16 years old trying to get their driver's license practice permit to have a minimum of that 6=hour behind the wheel training along with a certificate of the completion of the course.


We here at our Scotch Plains New Jersey driving school divide our training up into separate sessions. Most of the time we recommend 3 two hour sessions but we can accommodate them into 1-hour sessions if we need to, depending on your particular schedule. 


There are times when those 6 hours of behind the wheel training will not be enough. We feel like it is nearly enough time for a new driver to experience everything there is to know and understand about road safety. For that reason, we always encourage parents to continue practicing with there child and we will be happy to show them their teen's weak points along with their strong points. 


We also understand that you, as a parent, can have an extremely busy schedule of your own, (and, let's be honest! Some parents are terrified at teaching their kids how to drive!) so we can add additional hours to the training. 


What can be better than having a trained instructor like the ones we have here that have close to a decade of experience, have the knowledge, have the patience, and have the dual controlled vehicle to train your teen effectively? 


Our commitment is a simple one. It is to make 100% sure that every new driving student that comes to our driving school in New Jersey is given the tools and skills to become a confident and safe driver for the roads ahead. 


Give us a call today at 908-288-7549 to schedule you in our driving school. We can help guide you and your teenager at every step of the process to make it simple and fast to get your child's practice permit, and 6 months down the road, their driver's license. 

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