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A Little About Our Driving School In Scotch Plains New Jersey...


When we set off to build a driving school in Scotch Plains New Jersey, we knew we would be entering a market place with many other driving schools in the area. We knew, right from the get-go, that if we were going to succeed, that we were going to have to stand out and be different.  


What was going to set us apart?


What was going to be the reason that someone, a teen, a parent, or an adult sitting on their smartphone typing, "driving school near me" was going to pick us over all the others providing driving lessons too?

These are the questions we asked ourselves before starting Jersey Safe Driving School


So, we decided to create a drivers ed course and training with providing the most knowledgeable instructors, the most patient instructors, and most comfortable vehicle for a new driver to start learning how to get behind the wheel.  


We began with the success of our students in mind. That is what became our objective. With a decade of experience in training new student drivers, we have learned a thing or two about the things that go through the minds of students and parents when teens are looking to get their drivers license. We understand some of the anxiety some teens feel, especially the ones with very little time behind the wheel. We also understand the worry and concern parents feel seeing their kids grow up and start to drive!


It can be an exciting time but a little stressful too. This is why we have made a commitment to becoming personally invested in our students. Your success is our main objective.


We here at Jersey Safe Driving School have the experience to make every driver feel both comfortable and confident at all time. We not only do we train drivers to succeed, but we train them to become safe drivers for a lifetime.


We also provide a constant line of communication with parents to give them peace of mind during the whole process. We give them updates of their teens progress and things we need to improve on. These open lines of communication are always helpful for parents.


Feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment with our driver's training. We are a friendly bunch that is here to make sure the whole experience of training a driver, getting them "road ready", and getting them licensed as easy as possible. Make an appointment today! You'll be glad you did. 


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