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Jersey Safe Driving - Driving School Union County NJ

Gets Teens Driving Ready


There comes that special time in every person's life when it's time for them to get out there and get their drivers license. For the most part, that special time comes in the young persons teenage years. It's a very exciting time for most teens (and an incredibly scary time for the parents of those teens!) It's a time when teenagers start to inch closer to adulthood and taking on more responsibilities. It's a sign to most parents that their kids are growing up and becoming less dependent on them. We here at Jersey Safe Driving School, a knowledgeable and patient  driving school In Union County New Jersey, fully understand that unique time that both the teenager and parent are going through. We are here to provide driving lessons to help with every step of the process and make sure your child is not just taught what they need to get their driver's license but taught how to become a safe driver.  


As you're probably aware, to get your driver's license here in New Jersey, there are certain requirements you must have to get one issued to you. We don't want to bore you to death on the details but one of the most critical is to complete a full six hours behind-the-wheel instruction course. It also needs to be done in a dual-controlled vehicle with a licensed driving instructor, thus the reason you're probably here online looking for a good driving school in Union County, NJ

Well, we strongly believe that you have come to the right place. We here at Jersey Safe Driving School pride ourselves on providing the highest level of driver education for teenagers. We also provide that same level of exceptional education to adults that need it here in the great state of New Jersey. We offer the latest drivers ed curriculum available through the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle Commission in a clean, safe, and professional environment by State Certified Instructors with years of educational experience. Our trainer's major focus is on having a tremendous amount of knowledge to teach our new drivers. Add to that, we always have a great deal of patience and teach with positivity. We understand many kids get nervous and feel pressure when they first drive. By being patient, we make it feel comfortable for all of our students to receive the proper training required for a lifetime of safe driving skills.


We at Jersey Safe Driving School teach our students to navigate New Jersey's roads safely. We teach our students the smallest details that are crucial to safety. We teach them how to enter turns and make their turns at proper speeds. We teach them everything they need to know about entering busy intersections and highways. We go through traffic signs and signals and make sure they fully understand what they all mean. We go make sure they understand how all vehicle signals work and how they should be used. We properly guide and teach them about the dangers of blind spots. We really try to make them become aware of their surroundings at all times as they drive and even go through some of the most basic of things such as proper seat height, mirror adjustments they should make, and where their hands should be on the steering wheel. We provide the best type of training and really stand out from other driving schools in Union County, New Jersey. 

We understand the overwhelming amount of distraction young drivers face these days with smartphones and the constant stream of social media they interact with. These are new challenges that parents decades ago never had to deal with. We go over, in great detail, the dangers of distracted driving to make students become very aware of the dangers of it. The bottom line here is that we instruct our students to become successful by making sure we teach our students the importance of driving defensively and with safety in mind at all times.  


We are certified by the State of New Jersey and fully insured well above the required levels to ensure a stress-free on-road driving lessons and driver education experience. Our goal is to keep our students safe by creating a culture that strives for safety. By accomplishing this, we play a roll in keeping New Jersey a safe and great place to drive.  

See Why Stand Out From Other Driving Schools In Union County NJ


Features Of Our 6 & 8 Hour Driving School In Union NJ Packages: 


Adjusting Seat And Mirrors

Seat Belts Check

Parking Brake

Gear Shift In Proper Position

Ignition Switch On

Starting The Engine


Check Traffic

Putting Vehicle In Motion


Checking Traffic


Proper Position

Stopping Vehicle Smoothly And Safely

Gear Shift In Proper Position

Setting Parking Brake

Shutting Engine Off



Checking For Traffic

Vehicle Position

Hand Position

Turing Of Wheel

Speed Control

Proper Gear Position

Set Brake

Ignition Switch Off Remove Keys


Checking Traffic

Hand Position

Straight Line

Speed Control

Highway Driving

Lane Positioning


Speed Control



Proper Hand Positions On Wheel

Proper Grip of Wheel

Center of Lane Position 

Hand Over Hand Steering




Vehicle Position

Right & Left Turns

Right Turn On Red




Lane Positioning

Right Of Way



Three Point Turn


Vehicle Position

Checking Of Traffic


We are Certified by the State of New Jersey

Jersey Safe Driving School

Certified Driving School Instructors With

Years of Educational Experience


Our Philosophy

At Jersey Safe Driving School, we understand that learning to drive can be an intimidating challenge for a student. We strive to give each student the driving lessons and knowledge necessary to successfully and safely operate a vehicle in a variety of driving environments. Unlike other driving schools, we understand that learning to drive is not a "One Size Fits All" experience. We pride ourselves on tailoring each lesson to fit the comfort level of that particular student. Keeping our students Jersey Safe is our Top Priority! Take a look at just some of our happy Union County Driving School graduates and their experience. 


The Driving School Union NJ
That Will Get On The Road Today !

"I highly recommend Jersey Safe Driving School. I learned something new every single lesson and Kevin was on time every day. Very professional and I could not have asked for a better experience. Think you Jersey Safe Driving School and Kevin."

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"Very professional, excellent communication, I was very happy with the whole experience. My daughter improved a great deal thanks to Kevin! 5 Stars! I'd recommend this driving school Union NJ to any parent with a teen driver." 


"Kevin helped me build confidence when driving. I am a very nervous driver but he constantly reassured me that I'm safe. He would constantly correct me patiently so it helped to remember what to do every step. Very helpful and kind"


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